My Open Letter to Mr. Dado Banatao

On the last day of PhilDev's IDEA Entrepreneurial Workshop Series 2014, I was really inspired and motivated with the words of Mr. Dado Banatao's speech during his closing remarks.

To you Sir Dado, you have my utmost respect. You are truly an amazing example that filipinos can do great in the field of entrepreneurship and technology.

To be honest, before the workshop I hardly ever knew you, I didn't have an idea what Dado Banatao does. I wasn't expecting that meeting you in person and hearing your vision and words for us filipinos and the Philippine Entrepreneur ecosystem would change and made me think about that something.

I am privileged and lucky enough to get to meet you in person. I will see your works as my guide and inspiration in life to do better for myself and for my country.

Looking forward that one day, I will be able to tell to you my own success story and be an inspiration to others.

"We would like to see you, Filipino entrepreneurs, after you become successful, to give/pay back to the country." -- Dado Banatao, PhilDev Chairman, welcomes the participants to the ‪#‎IDEAworkshop‬ Day 1.

Campus Brands launching tonight

Campus Brands Clothing Co.

We will have a soft launch of Campus Brands, hopefully by tonight.

Campus Brands is a clothing company formed by a team dedicated to spreading school lifestyle labels and providing a convenient and efficient online shopping for premium crafted campus merchandises. It is committed to achieving customer delight and satisfaction through safe and secure transactions and varied payment options.

We are partnered with Dragonpay Corporation, a secured and reliable online payment provider based in the Philippines.

Cloud Hosting by Digital Ocean

Simple Cloud Hosting by Digital Ocean

Here's an article on how to setup.
How To Use the DigitalOcean Ghost Application